General Information

Raptor is a luxury service brand. We are a Veteran owned and operated cleaning business in GTA, Ontario. 

We aim to build the best relationships with our clients, listening to what needs to be accomplished and build a service around you and your property, the way it should be. We are number one when it comes to caring for our partners and potential partners.

Our fully insured, trusted team is here for you. 

We invest back into our partners as well as our image that leaves a stamp of professional, trusted brand. 


When it comes to finding the right business to work with you, it can be frustrating seeking out who is reliable and trustworthy as well as professional. Raptor and it’s image is built on a powerful symbol of innovation, repairing the relationships between business and clients with friendly service and a portfolio built around you and your property. We communicate with you in the event of bad weather and rescheduling. Our staff wear uniform, and represent Raptor as professionals with pride.

We can all come to an understanding of unfortunate events, it is what it is. But communication is key. If the change of weather happens on a day you’re booked, we let you know through automated messages and prioritize you on the next available day. 

It’s a shady business.



Over the years many pop-up window cleaning “companies” have appeared at the doors of many properties promising to deliver a service they can’t promise. Most don’t have business insurance or even registered legally. We have partnered with Trushield insurance to ensure our staff and clients are protected with liability. We are also an official registered corporate company with WSIB. 

$5Million In Liability.