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Costs Of Eaves Guards Installations In Ontario

Eaves guards are a great investment for your property. It increases the life expectancy of the eaves, allows a continuous flow of uninterrupted water straight to the downspouts and prevents issues such as sagging eavestroughs from happening.

Here in Ontario, Canada. It’s a common practice to have the eaves cleaned twice a year, sometimes 3 times depending on where the customer lives. Having the eaves cleaned regularly also prevents long lasting damage to the eaves, especially when downspouts are blocked and the water has no where to escape to.

Typically most companies in Ontario charge between $7-$26 per foot depending on what type of eaves guards are offered.


The type of guards is what matters most, which leads us to the next topic of what’s available. The industry standard right now is Alluminum guards, do not settle for less. There are cheaper options out there like foam or plastic mesh, but never once have we visited a customers property with these products and thought man, what a great investment. 9/10 times, when customers call us with blockage issues or a general eaves clean while having these products installed, you tend to find that these were the reasons why the customer was having issues in the first place. But to emphasize, this is here in Canada this may work for you elsewhere if you are in rural areas. But at that point, take a second thought on investing into these where it might not even be needed at all.

Plastic Mesh


The absolute weapon of a brand for eaves protection, Alu-Rex offers upto 40 Years Clog free guarantee depending on the product you choose. Let’s get down to niche detail, a lot of customers get turned off at the thought of guards because of pine needles; it’s true, pine needles can still get in the holes but the chances compared to what it was before was much less. Alu-Rex developed their Double-Pro tiered eaves guards that prevents them from falling through, check out their video below. 

Prices of Alu-Rex Eaves Guards in Ontario installed onto properties vary between $12-$24 per foot.


The trusted brand of housing exteriors, Kaycan. Their product Pro Eaves Guards II is an amazing, simple piece of kit that’s slightly cheaper than the Alu-Rex brand. The holes are the same size and the material itself is slightly softer and thinner. The only things to think about is, they don’t offer the double-pro capabilities with pine needles nor the 40 years clog free warranty. But, depending on the contractor you settle for they may offer their own warranty. Typically the prices of Kaycan Pro Eaves Guards can be installed onto properties between the prices of $6-$12 per foot.

In a nutshell, the decision is always down to the customer. They are both great options that both have great advantages compared to the rest of the products available on the market.