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Costs Of Windows & Eaves Cleaning In Ontario

Spring has arrived, the sun is shining- it is time. Here in Canada, the market is strong for windows & eaves cleaners. There are countless amounts of companies that offer different prices and different services but, what suits you?

Window Cleaning


Most customers don’t know what to expect when it comes to window cleaning, but they have an idea of what they want. It’s always good to be clear what’s to be requested. It sounds straight forward, but most companies will literally only clean the glass and charge you extra for the frames. There’s nothing wrong with that, they’ve only moved their prices round and this is how it’s done – In Ontario residential areas window cleaners will charge between $3-$8 per pane, not per window. The charges extra come from cleaning between the tracks, screens, sills and frames, storm windows etc. The minimum rate businesses will charge are between $115-$140 for small bungalows under 24 panes.

Businesses now can find properties through GPS and will try to give you a quote using Google maps but sometimes it can’t be 100% for example it’s too pixelated to count windows or its been knocked down and rebuilt. But you will receive a ballpark value. If the company is fair, they should bill you accordingly on site.

Eaves Cleaning


Eaves Cleaning at your property can be needed upto 3 times a year depending on where you live. The prices vary depending on the risk factors and the size of the property, in Ontario most businesses will charge between $90-$150 for eaves cleaning on 1500sq ft bungalows. Like the window cleaning, extra charges can be for other things such as roof cleaning to remove debris and flushing eaves with water.


Note that this is cleaning the interior of the eaves, not the exterior. This is a separate service, but these businesses will still offer this.

Eaves Cleaning typically includes all the eavestroughs to be cleared of debris, checking the downspouts work and the flow of water is okay. If you have eaves guards installed, this service will be only for the top of the guards and not underneath. This is also another service, known as under guards deep cleaning, this will be double the price for what you pay on a regular eaves clean.

Eaves Cleaning is important to increase the lifespan of the eaves, it prevents blockages, sagging eavestrough and overflows. All these issues can end up costing you $1000’s, eaves replacement is another service that we’ll talk about in another article.

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